Message from the Department Chair: Hira L. Koul

I welcome you on behalf of all of us at Department of Statistics & Probability at Michigan State University. Keeping up with the University, our mission reflects the increasing pursuit for cutting edge knowledge, cultural diversity of our times, transformational changes to preserve the quality of our programs, advancement in technology, communications and economic competitiveness. Our Department has a long and proud tradition of excellence for world-class research and training for over 65 years. I invite you to view the history of the department.

Department awards B.A., Applied M.Sc., M.Sc, and Ph.D. degrees, and is actively involved in running the B.Sc. degree in Actuarial Science. The Department is home to international award winning faculty with a wide variety of expertise in fundamental and interdisciplinary research, and over 100 graduate students from all over the world. Our programs focus on training its graduates for careers in academia, industry and government.

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Statistics in Applications Symposium

The Michigan State University Statistics in Applications Symposium will showcase applications in high throughput data technologies, engineering, health sciences research, and biological sciences where statistical science plays an important role. The goal of this symposium is to create an environment that allows communication across related fields of statistical sciences and promote interdisciplinary research among graduate students and faculty. It encourages graduate students to present their work, share insights and exposes them to diverse applications of statistics. Presentations (poster or oral) on research with statistical applications are invited.
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Statistics in Applications Symposium 2014 - MSU is proud to host the Statistics in Applications Symposium with keynote speaker Daniela Witten on October 3, 2014.

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