NSF/CBMS Conference
Analysis of Stochastic  Partial Differential Equations

Davar Khoshnevisan, Lecturer

August 19-23, 2013
Michigan State University

Principal Lecturer

Davar Khoshnevisan.jpg

Professor Davar Khoshnevisan started his professional career at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1989 after he received his Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley. Subsequently, he joined the faculty of the University of Utah as an Assistant Professor in 1993, and moved through the ranks to Full Professor in 2001.

 Professor Khoshnevisan's research program centers on stochastic analysis, stochastic processes, and SPDEs. He has made extensive and significant contributions to random fields, Markov processes, random fractals, and stochastic partial differential equations. In 1998, he received the Rollo Davidson Prize from the University of Cambridge (in conjunction with Professor Wendelin Werner of Orsay University). Several new methods and techniques developed by Professor Khoshnevisan and his co-authors have been used to solve several long-standing open problems in L\'evy processes, Gaussian random fields, and SPDEs.

 Professor Khoshnevisan has published three books including his Springer monograph ``Multiparameter Processes'' (2002) and more than ninety research articles [more than thirty articles since 2007]. His research has been supported continuously by NSF since 1997. He has served as panel reviewer for the Probability Grants Section of NSF [2001, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012], and has served as referee for various national and international research-funding agencies [US-NSA, US-NSF, Simons Foundation, US-Israel Binational Science Foundation, Swiss-NSF].

 Professor Khoshnevisan is also engaged in other national and international activities: He has served as an Associate Editor for four international journals, including the Annals of Probability which is considered to be a premier journal in probability theory. He has served (2012--present) as Springer--Basel's Monograph Series Editor (joint with S. Resnick) for the two series ``Probability and its Applications'' and ``Progress in Probability.'' During 1999--2002, he served as the Managing Editor for ``The Electronic Journal/Communications of Probability.''

 He served as Council member of Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) from July 2009 to July 2011, as member of the Committee for selection of Special Invited Lectures for IMS during 2001--2003, and then served as Chair of the said committee during 2003--2004. From August 2011, he has served as a member of the IMS Committee on Electronic Issues.

 Professor Davar Khoshnevisan has organized several conferences and symposia on stochastic partial differential equations, including the ``Minicourse on Stochastic Partial Differential Equations'' (with Firas Rassoul-Agha) at the University of Utah, May 8--19, 2006; an invited session on ``Fine Properties of Stochastic Processes" at the Conference on Stochastic Processes and Their Applications, July, 2009, Berlin; and ``Stochastic Analysis and Stochastic Partial Differential Equations'' (with Robert Dalang and Yimin Xiao) at Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery, Canada, April 1--6, 2012. He is a member of the organizing committees for ``Seminar on Stochastic Processes'' (2009, 2011) and for the 36th Conference on ``Stochastic Processes and Their Applications'' (July, 2013), Boulder, Colorado.


In the past two years alone, Professor Khoshnevisan has delivered over 30 talks at major international conferences, schools, and workshops to promote the use of probabilistic methods and analysis, including: