A Workshop on Future Directions in Fractional Calculus Research and Applications

Department of Statistics and Probability, Michigan State University
A Workshop on Future Directions in Fractional Calculus Research and Applications took place during the week of 17 - 21 October 2016, in C405 Wells Hall at Michigan State University. This exclusive workshop was by invitation only, and all talks were one hour in length. The goal was to summarize progress to date, and plans for the future, including ongoing research, and new big ideas.
Talks were in Wells Hall in the Department of Statistics and Probability, a nice walk of 0.8 miles through the campus, along the Red Cedar River from the Kellogg Center.

The Journal Chaos, Solitons & Fractals has put out a Call for Papers for substantially extended versions of papers presented at the Workshop on Future Directions in Fractional Calculus Research and Applications as well as external submissions.

MSU Fractional Calculus Workshop Attendees Seated at Front: M. M. Meerschaert (organizer)
Front Row (left to right):
M. Samiee, M. Zayernouri, Q. Du, C. Li, L. Huang, S. Fedotov, A. Sikorskii, Y.-Q. Chen, A. Lischke, C. Ionescu, H.-G. Sun, W. Deng
Back Row (left to right):
E. Kharazmi, H. Sankaranarayanan, J. F. Kelly, L. Toniazzi, H. Wang, R. Sibatov, D. Bolster, E. Scalas, R. Magin, R. J. McGough, R. DeKeyser, G. Bohannan, J. T. Machado, V. Voller, E. Lenzi


17 October 2016 (Monday)
9:00 Bruce West: Complexity Science and Fractional Calculus [Abstract - Presentation (PPTX /PDF)]
10:00 Alla Sikorskii: Applications of Fractional Calculus to Stochastic Models for Finance [Abstract - Presentation]
11:00 Ervin Lenzi: Poisson-Nernst-Planck Diffusional Model and Fractional Time Derivatives: Applications to Electrical Response [Abstract]
12:00 lunch break
2:00 ZhenQing Chen: Anomalous Diffusions and Fractional Order Differential Equations [Abstract - Presentation]
3:00 Richard Magin: A Fractional Derivative Model of Anomalous Diffusion in White and Gray Matter [Abstract - Presentation]
4:00 Clara Ionescu: How the Fractional Order Impedance Models Influenced Lung Function Device Trends [Abstract - Presentation]

18 October 2016 (Tuesday)
9:00 Zhi Zhou: Numerical Analysis for Time-Fractional Evolution Equations [Abstract - Presentation]
10:00 Mohsen Zayernouri: Data-Driven FPDE Modeling and Simulation [Abstract]
11:00 Mark Ainsworth: Analysis and Approximation of a Fractional Cahn-Hilliard Equation [Abstract]
12:00 lunch break
2:00 Nick Laskin: Fractional Quantum Mechanics [Abstract]
3:00 Changpin Li: The Finite Difference Method for Caputo-type Parabolic Equation with Fractional Laplacian [Abstract]
4:00 Hong Wang: Fast Numerical Methods and Mathematical Analysis of Fractional Partial Differential Equations [Abstract - Presentation]
5:00 Poster Session
A Petrov-Galerkin Spectral Element Method for Fractional Elliptic Problems
Density Bounds for some Degenerate Stable Driven SDEs.
Boundary Conditions for FPDE on a Finite Interval
19 October 2016 (Wednesday)
9:00 David Benson: The Richness of Fractional Integro-Differential Operators Defined by Convolution with the Levy Measure [Abstract - Presentation]
10:00 Diogo Bolster: Fractional Dispersion and Mixing Driven Reactions [Abstract - Presentation]
11:00 Rina Schumer: Anomalous Transport, Rough Landscapes, And Preservation of Stratigraphy [Abstract]
12:00 lunch break
2:00 Weihua Deng: Mean Exit Time and Escape Probability for the Anomalous Processes with the Tempered Power-law Waiting Times [Abstract]
3:00 Vaughan Voller: Promoting the Use of Fractional Calculus in the Modeling Engineering Systems [Abstract]
4:00 Yong Zhang: Applications, Challenges, and Suggestions of Fractional-Derivative Models in Simulating Hydrologic Processes [Abstract]

20 October 2016 (Thursday)
9:00 Qiang Du: Nonlocal Diffusion Models as Bridges Between Local and Fractional Diffusion Models [Abstract]
10:00 Erkan Nane: Space-Time Fractional Stochastic Partial Differential Equations [Abstract - Presentation]
11:00 Lorenzo Toniazzi: On a Probabilistic Generalization of Fractional Derivatives [Abstract - Presentation]
12:00 lunch break
2:00 Sergei Fedotov: Nonlinear Fractional PDE's and Their Applications in Biology [Abstract - Presentation]
3:00 Renat Sibatov: Fractional Derivatives On Cosmic Scales [Abstract - Presentation (PPT / PDF)]
4:00 HongGuang Sun: Recent Advantages and Open Issues in Anomalous Diffusion Models and Its Numerical Methods [Abstract]

21 October 2016 (Friday)
9:00 George Karniadakis: Spectral and High-Order Methods for Solving Fractional PDEs, Smooth and Non-Smooth Solutions
10:00 Gary Bohannan: Preparing the Next Generation of Researchers [Abstract]
11:00 YangQuan Chen: Regional Sensing and Actuation of Fractional Order Distributed Parameter Systems [Abstract - Presentation]
12:00 lunch break
2:00 J. Tenrerio Machado: A Stranger in a Strange Fractional Land [Abstract - Presentation]
3:00 Enrico Scalas: Pseudo-Differential Relaxation Equations and Semi-Markov Processes [Abstract - Presentation]
4:00 Mark Meerschaert: Space-Time Duality and Medical Ultrasound [Abstract - Presentation]